Customer Testimonials

I would like to complement Mr. Miller on a dealership that is run with respect for customers. It was my absolute pleasure to purchase a vehicle that I have been searching for close to a year now. (My son actually did the searching) And I am very happy to say that he expanded his search to 100 miles and we found your dealership. My son called to make sure it was what I wanted because I was very specific; from that point forward everybody that we dealt with was fantastic. When we arrived approximately 3 hours later, we were greeted by Tim who changed my opinion of car salesmen. As we got further into our visit, we were introduced to Mark who was equally as pleasant to deal with. Finally everything seemed to be working out and as we waited and walked around your property, everybody was friendly and willing to help if we needed it. At one point, we walked around the lot to see the car I was buying being washed by yet another friendly, helpful, wonderful employee of yours! Finally, Tim gets paged and smiles and says to me "That is going to be for you" so I went with him to deal with your finance person who was also fantastic, efficient and very nice. My visit was complete and I was to be on my way. So, again, I would like to thank you for a perfect experience. I have and will continue to tell everyone I speak to about your business! Sincerely, Judy A
Judy A, Warwick, RI

I must say you do have a bunch of nice guys over at your dealership. Jeff was not in, so your guys all worked together to make sure that I was taken care of. I believe in team work, and you most certainly have that at your business. Arthur Heneault, drew up the contract for me and when I saw that there was a difference between what he had and what I was told by Jeff, Arthur was all over that and took care of me. I will let anyone that I know what a wonderful experience I had with your salespeople. Thank you so much.
Tamara A., Plaistow, NH

My experience was both pleasant and painless. Their staff was very knowledgeable and the paperwork process went smoothly! I would highly recommend EAG Auto to my family and friends.
Salvatore F, Raymond, NH

Thanks to Ricky Miller and the staff at EAG Auto, I am the proud new owner of a 2000 corvette with only 20k original miles… I was a loyal customer of another dealership for years but when they refused my reasonable offer I went to EAG Auto and discovered a better car with lower miles for $5,000.00 LESS! Now after my experience I will surely make EAG Auto my recommendation to my friends and family moving forward… Thanks to you all… Sincerely, Leo
Leo Vadnais, Manchester, NH

I wanted to pass along my heartfelt appreciation of the experience that Michael and the team at EAG Auto have provided: the Passat wagon I purchase has been fun to drive and an economical choice. Despite the number of miles on the vehicle, the 10 hour drive home was a pleasure due to the work of EAG Auto Service Department & Detailing shop. The Sales Team at EAG was always courteous, informative, and helpful toward making the purchase a positive experience. And despite being an out-of-state customer, I greatly appreciated the assistance provided in getting the vehicle through my state's strict inspection: I'm sure EAG was able to do this because of its confidence in their workmanship, customer satisfaction and dedication to their goals as a premier car dealership.
Robert R., Olney, Maryland

Thanks Samira, Ya'all are great people & most of all you must be doing it right cause people are in your offices like we never seen in a long time :) My pleasure to refer customers to your business Take care, Ken & Donna Sarpi
Ken & Donna Sarpi, , NH

I want to thank the team at EAG Auto for a great experience!! They made the transaction smooth and very pleasurable. I was in and out within 2 hrs from start to finish and the vehicle is perfectly fine with no issues thanks to Jay in the service Dept he took care of all items i wanted addressed and was a pleasure to deal with. I would recommend EAG Auto to anyone they have a lot to choose from and have quality used vehicles.
Jonathan R., Quincy, Mass

I had shady credit and needed a vehicle ASAP. I went to EAG Auto met a great salesman Mike who helped me finance and buy my Trailblazer. They got me approved and in a vehicle I was looking for. I owned the Trailblazer for two years and loved it. This hepled raise my credit score 100 points. I decided I wanted different vehicle better on gas and newer. I went to EAG again because I had a such an awesome experience the first time. So I bought a Mazda CX-9 and Love it. If you think you can't get approved try EAG you might be surprised. I was impressed how quick,easy,and happy I was both times.
Cathy Clark, Manchester, NH

The people at empire are very friendly and Luke was very helpful and his communication was excellent. Luke was one of the most cheerful people I have met since I have I have arrived to the US from Iraq about six weeks ago.
A. Mutasher, Manchester, NH

Luke was great, informative, polite and willing to meet any needs. It was a very pleasant experience.
B. Throenle, Manchester, NH

Great promotional experience! Mike is doing a great job!
A. Anil, Manchester, nh

Very colorful and welcoming!
R. Hawes, Manchester, nh

Tom was very nice and helped us find a great safe car for our family. I was great talking with him during our visit. Thanks a bunch Tom! -Soucy Family
M. Soucy, Manchester, nh

I had a great experience my only complaint was that the wait was a little long to get to see someone.
C. Bolieiro, Hooksett, NH

Very Cool, full of action and exciting!
Betty, Manchester, nh

Nice, neat and more hospitality then most places.
A. Abdulridha, Manchester, nh

I had a wonderful experience and Cole seemed very happy to be working with me. It was a very positive work place and full of excitement!
M. Bah, Manchester, NH

Very nice service!
E. Aviyants, Manchester, NH

Easy and quick credit check!!
S. Bicknell, Manchester, Nh

We really appreciated Josh's help. He definately went above and beyond to help us find what we were looking for!
C. Elethorp, Manchester, nh

I love my new car and Josh was great to work with!
J. Mccolley, Manchester, NH

I drive through the dealership all the time looking for the mustang I have looking for and I think the promotion is a great way to get customers in
Z. Romanovic, Manchester, NH

I had a very inviting and comfortable experience here. The environment is informative and friendly.
J. Coleman, manchester, nh

Luke is a great guy! He helped me with everything, was very respectful. Luke was extremely knowledgeable and he is definitely an asset to the company’s sales department!
F. ChapDelaine, Manchester, NH

I love my new car and Josh was great to work with! I think this promotional sale was a great idea and a great way to get the name out in a positive way. Not many places have the leverage and/ or the guts to do something like this! 50% off cars, giving away lottery tickets and gold coins. They were also giving away a huge cash prize and a free car (very nice infinity!!!). Other used car dealerships should follow their example!
J. McColley, MANCHESTER, New Hampshire

I had a very nice experience!!
E. Aviyants, Manchester, nh

Dear Randy, We have bought 2 vehicles from you over the last year I just recently traded my 2004 Audi A8-L in for the 2004 Dodge Durango. Because we have to stream line our budget and reduce our overhead a decision that was tough for me to make as I loved my AUDI. Last year my wife (Terese Richtmyer at the time now Grinnell) traded her white Mercedes in for your 05 Chevy Silverado. We made the decision to return because of our great experience.... This time was a little trying as the check engine light came on several times on the Durango (which I know is outside your control) however my wife couldn’t seem to get resolve from the service departments efforts. I redirected her to Mike your sales manager who did an “awesome job” helping us, he intervened and got a positive result. Then check engine light came on again and I called Mike he said don't bring it down he would pick it up which he did. It ended up being catalytic converter which he told us you would cover. (TY) “In my opinion he went above and beyond for us as I did buy it without a warranty” I mentioned to Mike the tires were not really the right size for the Durango and my concern was that being smaller it affected the handling and transmission and gear ratios. Mike again took control and bought 4 brand new factory spec tires and mounted, balanced and aligned for us. (Again I understand the tires that were on the truck originally passed N.H state inspection and that your company was not obligated to replace (yet you did it anyway to make us happy) TY. I wanted to send you this email because I was in the car business for 11 years leaving as a General Manager as an Acura dealer which I won the dealership of distinction award 3 years in a row! I know and realize first-hand the importance of customer satisfaction. Working in the PRIME motor group with 16 dealerships of which my store had the highest CSI for the entire group! I always recognized the importance of customers and what they mean to a dealership as well as remaining profitable and sustaining sales and balance on the sales floor. Harmony between sales and service is also a plus. As we can be a strong sales force but if your service department can't back sales, well you really are spinning your wheels. Just wanted to congratulate Mike for a job well done! He truly too control of our situation and went above and beyond making us very happy. As a result of another good experience we will continue to refer many people in your direction. It has been very hard for my wife and me to embrace our new careers that we love her as a R.N and me a firefighter. But with people and staff like yours makes it a lot easier. I'm sure you are well aware that there are many homes in similar positions as ours that will look to companies as yours to meet their needs and we will continue to refer them in your direction for their automotive needs. Thank you again for all the help and for hiring employees like Mike! The very best of luck to you and your company, I am very happy with everything… Regards, Collin Grinnell
Collin Grinnell, , NH

Good morning Randy, Jay I would like to send you both a thank you for your patience and effort you put forth in helping us with our "unique" situation with the Nissan Pathfinder we purchased from your dealership. This was certainly a most interesting problem that occurred, and I know we all new nothing of this until extended driving time revealed the issue with the transmission. As we both are in the Customer Service business, we sometimes have to do what is right by the customer, though the issue at hand may seem otherwise. Through your efforts to resolve this, you have certainly gained my confidence in your dealership and we will no doubt look to you for our next vehicle purchase; as you have a wide selection of quality vehicles to match any driving preference. Again, thank you for all you have done and hope to see you soon. Happy Holidays to you and your staff. Regards, Tom
T Hanchett, Barre, VT

Worth the Trip By Escapist from Winchendon, MA | December 17, 2012 I found a great car on the website and made the hour-and-a-half trip to take a test drive of a 2005 Ford Escape. I was trading in a car on which I owed more than it was worth. Dany and Mark really worked with me to get my payments into a very comfortable range. They were both very patient, knowledgeable, and friendly. I was also very impressed that they could finalize the deal on a Sunday. My long ride home in my new car was really fun. Rating from Escapist
Worth the Trip, Winchendon, Ma

I have NEVER had a better experience at a dealership before. I have terrible credit and I walked in there being positive that I was not walking out of there with a car, and I was wrong. I walked out of there with a great car at an amazing price. Josh Oshea, Cole, Jeremy and all the other employees made my mother, daughter and I feel at home and more than welcome. They even entertained my 7 year old daughter, who is normally very shy. I have a chronic illness where I cant work and was driving an unsafe vehicle, they felt for me and did everything in their power to get me into a safe, affordable vehicle. I drove out of there in a safe vehicle, a smile on my face and new friends. I don't think they understand how they have changed my life. Going through so much lately with my illness, I needed something finally going my way and they did just that. They are compassionate, funny, caring people. If you want to go somewhere where your treated with respect, this is the place to go. There is not one "greedy, lying car dealer" in this dealership. I am now a customer for life. Thanks again guys for turning my life around.
Jennifer B., Suncook, NH

A few months ago I bought a BMW from your company. The salesman was Josh O'Shea. He spent a few days with me getting me into the car I wanted and could afford. He gave me 100%. But also the rest of the staff treated me with respect. After about a month or so I had a few problems with the car. I brought it up to Jay Rosenburg he told me not to worry about a thing and it will be taken care of. He sent me over to talk to Chris Houghton about a loaner car. And he had no problem about letting me use as car for 2 days while Jay work on my car. About a month later my service engine light came on and I talk to Jay and he checked it out for me. He told me the codes were transmission codes. He set up an appointment with Dr. Steve's transmission. Dr. Steve's transmission told me they would have it for about a week, but they had it for a little longer. The insurance company said they would only pay for two days of a rental car. Again I talked to Chris Houghton and he told me not to worry about a thing and he let me use a car for the entire time. I guess what I'm trying to say, you have an unbelievable team there and I will recommend your company to other people. Thank you very much for all your support.
J. Pappalardo, , NH

My husband Denis and I were in your car dealership in May. My Nissan Maxima had just been sent to the junk yard, she was a tired lady. We were in the lot looking around at what you were offering, when this “kid” came up to us and asked if he could help us. Well we told him we were looking around and weren’t really sure what we were doing or if we were able to do anything. Told him right up front our credit was less than great, I had been disabled due to a fall I had taken years back and due to that it had been very rough for a good many years. I asked if you offered buy here pay here and if you helped people with bad credit, and answered with why don’t we sit down and talk about it and see what we can do. In we went, John Callahan was his name. This “kid” was the nicest guy. We have talked to other people before not regarding a car loan, but other things, and due to our credit being so bad they made us feel like bottom of the barrel type people. John not once made us feel like that. He worked his tail off to help us out. We didn’t fit into conventional a program, which was bad news, due to the fact we had test drove a Kia Rondo, and it was perfect for me to get in and out with my restrictions. But John being the guy that he is, kept looking. Another issue was money down, we didn’t have any, most programs require $1000 and we could be worked with. Nothing more we could do. So we left feeling very discouraged. A few days later the phone rings, Its John, he found a different program. A credit building one, one that we could put $800 down. Well that still does us no good, we only had $500. Ok Thank you John. Again, a few more days go by, the phone rings and its John, he had talked to someone, don’t know who, and $500 would work. I was shocked. John was the best guy. We never thought it would fly. We never thought we would be getting a car. Well because of John and all of his hard work and determination, we got a 2002 Isuzu Axiom. I had never heard of the truck, but we love it. I know that this is how he makes a living and if he doesn’t sell cars he won’t make any money. But honestly, John was more of a friend than a car salesman. He never made us feel like anything other than who we were, people that had some really bad luck, and were trying to change that. He was so very thoughtful of my issues and what kind of car would work best for me because of them. My husband and I feel John is truly a wonderful asset to your company. Our payments are high on our vehicle, and after a year, we are going to go back to John, and talk with him about what we can do. Whether it is trade it in for something else, or refinance for a lower rate. I would deal with no other. This guy is the BEST in our eyes. Our son was with us when we came in and when he is ready for his first car, he will also be going to John. John, we can’t thank you enough for being such a great guy and making us feel so welcomed and comfortable.
P.&D. Wenzel, , NH

The staff here at EAG is phenomenal. I bought a fantastic SUV here in February, and just picked up my dream car here last week. Dany and Luke went out of their way to get me financed as I am a special situation buyer. Incredible service and great prices. I will never buy anywhere else. Thanks EAG!
Mike W, Newburyport, MA